Vicki and Penelope

I can’t sing Angela’s praises enough! Hiring her as a sleep training coach was some of the best money I have every spent. It was well worth the small investment. My 7 month old daughter went from co-sleeping with my husband and I and waking us up nearly every hour with her fussing to now sleeping in her own room in her own crib and sleeping through the night! She usually sleeps an average of 12 straight hours at night and now takes 2 one to two hour naps each day. My husband and I are finally getting sleep and private time with one another. We are happier and no longer sleep deprived and our relationship is improving. Our daughter too is more well rested and generally appears happier now that she too is getting the sleep she needs. I’m not going to lie, the first two nights were tough and I would have reverted back to co-sleeping if it weren’t for Angela’s guidance and care. Knowing I could text her with an issue at any time of day gave my husband and I so much comfort and peace of mind. This process was truly the miracle we were praying for after months of sleepless nights. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is even considering sleep training. She will truly charge your life!

Kahlea and Vanessa

"Angela helped us get our 5.5 month old to go from sleeping 45 minutes at a time all night long and not napping with having to be rocked to sleep or nursed to sleep to putting herself to sleep within 10 minutes of being put down with minimal fussing to wake up once, maybe twice per night, with one feeding and napping for 1-1.5 hours at a time.  Our baby is happier and healthier because she is sleeping, and that makes it easier on everyone else.  Angela was always there via text or email to answer our questions at any point that we needed her, and when we were frustrated with what was going on she was there to reassure us. We could not be more amazed at the changes that were made in just a few short weeks and are very appreciative for the help." 

Jessica and Wyatt

"We loved working with Angela! She was super friendly and reassured us anytime we had a problem. Our son went from waking every 2 hours to sleeping 8 hour stretches. Angela is full of knowledge and had great ideas on getting our son to sleep better!"

Brandi and Fox

"My husband and I decided early on that we wanted to sleep train our child. We didn’t know when or how, but we knew that it was important for all of us that our children sleep in their own room and know how to self-soothe. Sleep is extremely important to cognitive development and we wanted to make sure our son was getting all he needed. He was a pretty good sleeper from birth, but around 4 months he started waking every 1-2 hours. At this point he was still in our room in a bassinet. We talked to our pediatrician and I did extensive research and we decided on the extinction method for training. Night time went really well! However, I constantly had questions...like “do I go in to nurse in the middle of the night?” “How long should he cry?” “When should he go to bed?” “What should his bedtime routine look like?” And SO much more. Then we approached nap time and it was a lot harder and I had a lot more questions. This is when I reached out to Angela. She gave me a free 15 minute consultation over the phone. She was really encouraging and loaded me up with tons of information. She taught me about a child’s daily schedule, wake times, and routines. She equipped me with a lot of information and within the week my son was already doing so much better! Our son is 13 months now and he has been an incredible sleeper since 4.5 months old. He sleeps 12-13 hours straight every night! He takes 2 x 1.5-2 hour naps every day. He’s also really flexible! He will sleep anywhere. He LOVES sleep. He is such an independent kid and loves to play alone and with anyone and everyone, and my husband and I both fully attest that to sleep training. He is so so smart! Again, I attest that to sleep training. Sleep-training Fox was the best decision we had ever made as parents and I am so thankful for Angela and how she guided me through this season. "