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Tell me more about Sleep Training

"What is sleep training?"This is a question I get very often, as you can imagine. Sleep training essentially is the process of teaching a child to fall asleep independently without the use of a swing, pacifier, bottle/breast, etc. For many moms it can sound quite scary and impossible, “How in the world can a baby sleep WITHOUT those things?!” It sounds too good to be true, but let me tell you that it is indeed true as I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes. When my daughter was 7 months old I was a very sleep-deprived mom and unhappy with my situation. My daughter was still waking 2-5 times per night even though at her age she was fully able to sleep through without waking for feeds. I couldn’t understand why this was happening and was desperate for a full night of uninterrupted sleep. After meeting with my doctor for an appointment she told me about Sleep Sense and how it worked for her daughter. I thought about it, prayed about it, discussed it with my husband, ran it by friends, family and others who found success with sleep training and decided to try it. I remember thinking,“We can only go up from here.” My husband supported me throughout the process and by night 3, my daughter now slept from 7pm-7am! I was completely blown away and thrilled with her progress! This only continued and her daytime sleep was next to improve. To this day, she’s now almost three years old and is still a phenomenal sleeper.

You might be wondering how the process works exactly and I’ll tell you. The first thing I do with any potential client is chat with them on the phone. This is your time to talk and my time to listen. Maybe you feel like no one actually hears you when you complain about your child's sleep habits. I want you to know that I am here to listen to you, first and foremost. You tell me about your child’s sleep habits and how they’re effecting you. I ask questions to help pinpoint the problem and then offer you solutions. Sometimes the solutions can be something as simple as, “Put baby down for bed and naps earlier” or “Make sure baby’s room is as dark as possible.” Other times the problem is highly complex and requires a multi-stepped, coaching process. If thats the case, then I will suggest a sleep package that fits your family and your specific needs best. From there I will send you a questionnaire about your child’s sleep so that I can better understand your child’s sleep needs and current sleep habits. I will then use that information, as well as trusted guidelines for sleep need per age and create a detailed and custom-made sleep plan to meet the needs of your child and your family as a whole. I will teach you how to implement the plan and make you a ‘mini-sleep expert’ informing you of what to expect from the process as well as how pediatric sleep works. I will also help you troubleshoot and continue the process should you hit a bump in the road. You will keep a log of your child’s sleep and I will review it daily leaving you encouraging messages to help you have success. I will teach you how to measure success and hoot handle any protest from your child. I will call you several times throughout the process to offer encouragement, problem solve, answer questions and help you stay on track. When our time is finished, I will send you information that will help your child maintain their newfound sleep skills. Such information includes: How to travel with your child, how to handle daylight savings time, how to drop from 2 naps to 1 nap, how illness and teething affects sleep, etc. The entire process takes 2 weeks. If we haven’t met your goals by the end of the 2 weeks then I will keep working with you until we do without charging you extra. This process works if you put in consistent effort. Think of me as your teacher, your cheerleader, your problem solver and supporter.

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