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Babies LOVE White Noise!

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Imagine living in a world where all day every day you hear the constant FZZ of static.  Well, it may sound pretty boring to us in a world that is dynamic and fast-paced, but to a baby just beginning their life, it is incredibly comforting.  Static, or white noise, is very near to what babies hear while they are growing and developing inside the womb.    Before I became a sleep a consultant and before my daughter, Cora, was even sleep trained, my husband and I quickly discovered the benefits of white noise on a tired child who we thought was too young to self-sooth.  Cora would cry in the car or while visiting relatives.  We would place the white noise next to her ear, and most of the time it calmed her and sometimes even put her to sleep! I can still remember turning the radio on to static for 5-10 minutes to help soothe her to sleep while we in the car!   

My first piece of advice for nearly every one of my clients is to invest in a white noise machine.  I include this in all of the sleep plans I write.  White noise not only brings a sense of safety and comfort to the child, but it also helps babies go to sleep quicker and stay asleep longer while drowning out any background noise that might disrupt their sleep. Be sure to place the white noise machine in babies room out of their reach and that its volume isn't too loud. With all that said, a white noise machine is not a “fix-all.”  It does not replace the excellent sleep skills I help you teach your child. A white noise machine is supplementary to those skills, but it is a stable place to start. 


Put a white noise machine in babies room out of their reach. Do it ASAP and let it play continuously to ensure that baby will be a star sleeper! 

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